Grape and vineyards


The soul of our wines lies in the three hundred hectares of our own vineyard. 200 hectares of the typical grape of the area –Toro and its tempranillo grape– and 100 hectares of verdejo grape.

In Monte la Reina, grapes are collected in their optimal ripening process; we choose them and take care of them boosting the wine bouquet, paying attention to the colors and highlighting its elegance.

We conduct a constant monitoring process from the harvest in the field to the final client. After passing the control at the selection table, only the best grapes are elaborated.

Thanks to the environmental conditions, clayey soils –sandy in some parts and stony and dry in others–, and the adequate control of the vegetation and production, we are able to obtain grapes with high concentration, high ripeness, optimum alcoholic degree and a perfect bouquet blending.

The quality of our grapes and its careful harvest let us offer a wide range of combinations to produce excellent wines from our varieties of Tinta de Toro and Verdejo grapes.