We own three hundred hectares of vineyards which are the soul of our wines. Two hundred hectares are the native grape of this land Tinta de Toro and one hundred is Verdejo.


Continental climate, cold winters and roasting hot summers with altitude of around 750m and dramatic diurnal temperature changes allow for perfect growing conditions which permit an excellent ripening, fresh aromas and a well- balanced expression.


At Monte La Reina we pick the grapes when they reach their perfect ripeness, we select and take special care to enhance the wine´s aromas, colour and elegance.



Century Old Vines


Monte La Reina has some of the oldest vines in Spain, more than one hundred years old. Thanks to the type of soil, the phylloxera insect which destroyed Europe´s vines in the late 19th century, didn’t destroy Toro. The soil is mainly composed of sand which suffocates the insect and in Toro, it couldn’t continue its devasting rampage. This area is one of the few zones with ungrafted vines.


The grapes from these vineyards (100% Tinta de Toro) are used to make our top-quality wines.

Finca Monte la Reina


Throughout the different plots you can find clay soils, sandy soils, and dry and rocky poor soils in others.

From these plots we pick grapes with concentrated flavour, ripeness, a good alcoholic strength and a fine mixture of aromas.


Two types of grape: Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo variety with local characteristics) and Verdejo
Finca Villaester de Arriba


Between the villages of Pedrosa del Rey and San Román de Hornija. The soils are sandy with a gravel surface and a clay subsoil a few metres deep which produce a complex ripeness, with a good alcoholic strength and concentrated aromas and colour.


Two types of grape: Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo variety with local characteristics) and Verdejo.

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