Monte la Reina is a young, modern and dynamic winery consisting of a multidisciplinary team willing to give their best to offer the best product possible.

Jesús Juárez was in charge of the project to construct the building in tune with the countryside which surrounds it. Constructed with noble natural materials and reinforcing the idea of integrating the architecture with its surroundings.

The construction was conceived like a large photographic camera, as he felt that the spectacular view which the countryside around Monte Reina offered, deserved a daily photo to be take.

In the wall of the building you can see the viewfinder, the flash and the shutter of a camera.

The winery is half buried in the hillside to ensure both an aesthetic pleasing look with techniques to attain a constant temperature in the different warehouses.



Monte la Reina has two winemaking rooms, both equipped with a system to control temperature (by mobile phone!) which controls the tanks both inside and out, to guarantee a perfect monitoring of the fermentation process and winemaking.



The barrel room is mainly made up of French Oak barrels although there are also some Caucasian oak to elaborate special wines. Every year we buy new barrels. The room can hold 1000 barrels where the wine remains at between 14-18ºC and 83% humidity, as it receives notes of toast and spices from our barrels.

Monte la Reina also has a malolactic room with its own temperature and humidity, to encourage this process as often the technical director chooses to carry this process out in barrels.



One of the things that defines us at Monte La Reina is our continuous investment in modern technology and machinery to offer our clients the best service.

Our bottling room is a perfect example of this, with a completely mechanised line from moment the bottles arrive in pallets to the finished product.



This is equipped with modern temperature and humidity controls which allows barrel aged wine to complete the ageing process until it´s released onto the market.

Also, the fastest selling wines, which are sold under different brand names depending on the country of sale, are kept here until they are labelled and sent out to our clients.



We analyse all the wines in tanks weekly in the Monte La Reina R&D centre, to guarantee the best quality for our wines. We also check room temperature, environmental contamination and test different samples of the wines on the market.



A space destined for enjoyment of Monte La Reina wines with all five senses. There are six places with individual places which allow professionals and wine lovers to enjoy tastings in unbeatable conditions whilst they enjoy a unique view of the countryside.

Monte La Reina is also certified internationally for quality with the BRC and IFS (level A).

Our vineyards are tended using ecological agriculture free of contamination, we make wines that don´t harm the environment. The winery has solar panels which provide enough energy to all us more sustainability so we can give something back to nature.

Bodega Monte la Reina
Bodega Monte la Reina
Bodega Monte la Reina - Depósitos
Bodega Monte la Reina - Sala de barricas
Botellas Monte la Reina
Bodega Monte la Reina - Interior
Bodega Monte la Reina - Interior
Bodegas Monte la Reina
Bodega Monte la Reina - Depósitos

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