Red Wines


Our red wines are elaborated from the Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo) variety, looking to obtain a wine where the balance of components come together in a notable quality.

The grapes are selected at the perfect ripeness level normally at the end of September and lasting usually about a month.

The careful process of winemaking is carried out in our modern installations. The grapes cold soak in concrete and Stainless-Steel tanks and are then fermented at a controlled low temperature and the malolactic fermentation happens in the same tank.

We obtain wines with intense aromas and colour. Each elaboration is planned and monitored by our technical team who try to elaborate different wines for different palates and gastronomy.

We make young wines, fresh well-structured and an intense colour typical to this area. Yet we also make barrel aged wines which offer the wine lover pleasant tones of mature fruit, with oaky toasty notes from the barrel contact.

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Our land and climate are perfect for growing the Verdejo variety, one of the best white varieties in Spain, strong flavoured with a rich array of aromatic terpenes within its skin.

In our vineyards we begin to harvest Verdejo at the start -middle of September, when the grapes have reached ripeness and an alcoholic grade of 12.5% perfect in this variety. The grapes reach the press, then the must is fermented in stainless steel tanks taking special care with lees contact.

We obtain intense, fruity and vibrant wines where we find tropical aromas from the Verdejo grape with a rich mouth filling sensation resulting in powerful wines with a long lingering finish.

One small plot of Chardonnay gives a distinctive note to some of our wines with its versatility and novelty factor in this area.

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Sparkling wines


Our sparkling wine Claudia is the result of a double fermentation. The first natural fermentation with must from Verdejo and Chardonnay which has been pressed and the must fermented to obtain excellent results with Ph, sugar level and desired acidity. We used the Charmat method obtaining a wine with intense aromas and a spritzy bubbles with a natural sweetness and pleasant acidity.

We also use the same Charmat method in our Frizzante wines. These wines are low alcohol (10º), fruity, fresh and well balanced with a higher concentration of residual sugar. A pleasant sweetness with a richness on the palate.

These wines are light, fresh, fruity and sweet.

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